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At first welcome to our site! This site is about my dogs Ruuti, Gava and Nova. Owner is Tiia Hämäläinen, who are living in Finland.


PPR1 PAIM1 BH RTK1 Ravlundha Lady "Gava"

From Sweden
Breed: border collie
Date of birth: 25.3.2014
Color: Black & White, short
Sex: female
Size: 52-53cm/15kg

Health results: Eyes healthy, hips A/A (healthy) ja elbows 0/0 (healthy), CEA clear/carrier (Father CEA clear)

▪ Father: GK VALLH PR Thrud, CEA normal, HD A
▪ Mother: GK VALLH PR Ravlundha Hedvig, HD A
▪ Breeder: Elisabeth Falk Zetterholm, Pyk Ulf, Pyk Emelie, Kivik, Sweden
▪ Owners: Tiia Hämäläinen, Espoo
▪ Litter: Mithrandir 15.10.2017, 2 boys
▪ Gava's Pedigree in breedingdatabase

Gava is our first girl and short coated bordercollie from herding parents. She came from Sweden age 13 weeks. At first she was little bit shy, but loved children and other dogs. She reads your mind and want to do everything you ask and do it right. She loves herding, it was not easy at first years but age 4 she passed class 1 and got PPR1 tittle. When we are outside she sees everything moving, rabbits, squrrel, other dogs, people. We do also agility class 3/3, obedience class 4/4. Searching people is also one hobby. She is like princess.

TK1 Siipiveikon Vahva Vainu "Nova"

Breed: nova scotia tolling retriever
Date of birth: 12.8.2015
Sex: male
Size: 50cm / 22 kg

Health results: Eyes healthy, hips A/A (healthy) ja elbows 0/0 (healthy)
Spine/back: LTV0 normal, SP0 clear, VA0 normal
Genetests: PRA-A (by parents), CEA clear or carrier, JADD normal, Chondrodystrophy N/CDDY carrier (and IVDD risk), DM normal, DE carrier (Degenerative Encephalopathy)
Results: Shows Excellent 2x SERT, ROP, VSP, Retriever working test accepted (NOU1), obedience class 3/4, agility class 2/3

in breedingdatabase
▪ Breeder: Anna and Ville Rantala
▪ Owners: Riitta and Tiia Hämäläinen, Espoo

Nova is happy, brave and energetic toller. He loves people and children. He likes other dogs but with males want some space. He likes to play and is hungry. Mental character test (MH) with good results.
Nova have half brothers and sisters from both parents, Siipiveikon "Tahtoo" litter 2013, Siipiveikon Tuulta Päin 2012 and Luottomiehen litter 2014. Dad's sister had litter 2018 in Sweden.

Unfortunately sister was put to sleep at age 2, when got aggressive and back was hurt (in röntgen doesn't found anything). Dad died at age 7-8, got lymfooma cancer but back was hurting also. Dad's brother in sweden has put to sleep also little earlier. Dad's half brother died at age 4, got aggressive and back was hurt. Anyone of them have diagnosis of illness.


My name is Tiia Hämäläinen, year -91 birth and I'm from Finland. I have been love with animals since I was young. When we haven't own dog, me and my friend were allways walking neihborhoods dogs. I have taken care of dogs and teach them, not only my dogs and I like to teach people. Now are training in AST (Agility Sport Team) agility, obedience, sometimes on my own searching and tracking. Dogs belongs in my life, I can't live without them, there are more positive sides than negative.

piirm08ruu seuraus

In memoriam Ruuti 2.3.2008-24.6.2019

FI OB CH BH TK2 TK3 RTK2 Serica's Bamir "Ruuti"
Name: Serica's Bamir
Breed Bordercollie
Date of birth: 2.3.2008
Color: black & white
Breeder: Satu Behm, Finland, Savonlinna
Owner: Tiia Hämäläinen, Finland, Espoo
Ruuti in breedingdatabase
Dad: Fin WT Ch Nord & Dk & S & Fin OT Ch Int & Fin & Est Ch EstW-03 JK3 BH AD Pikkupaimenen Ace Ventura "Elke"
Mother: Fin Ch,Est Ch,Rus Ch EstW-02 Yazina's Mercedes "Sinna"

Ruuti is energetic dog. He loves eating, running and working, like bordercollies also. He is crazy about balls. Ruuti is training obedience (class 3/4), agility (class 2/3) and he have trained also human searching witch he likes a lot, but can't competite because gun shot's. (in english Ruuti means gunpower, speed like that)

Ruuti have teached me many things, living with Ruuti is not so easy than with Rasmus. You can't spoil and be so nice to him. In obedience our problem is that Ruuti likes to use voice in working. Agility have been so different than with Rasmus and it's so many thing that affects on course and many there is timing problems to handler.

In memoriam Rasmus 17.11.2003-11.2.2019

Nordwart Upa "Rasmus"
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, male

Date of birth: 17 of November, 2003
Breeder: Nordwart
Birgitta Kajander, Finland
Tiia Hämäläinen, Espoo, Finland

Health results: Eyes healthy,hips A/A (healthy) ja elbows 0/0 (healthy),PRA: B-carrier
Height: 49 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Hobbies: Agility, obedience,tracking and working dog obedience.

Agility: experience level: 3 (highest), and one SERT
Obedience: Obedience degree: TK1,TK2(class 1 and 2) and FIN OB CH
, Best in 14-17 year-old youngs in obedience highest class(4) in years 2007 and again 2008.
Character test: points +157p(good)

Rasmus in breedingdatabase

Rasmus is a very nice dog. He was the only one puppy who had a big white marking in his coat: in the paws, brisket, skull and tail. In home Rasmus is peacefull. Rasmus has ever been agressive to people or dogs.

Rasmus is easy at home, he likes sleeping in couch or bed. In out he manage run hours with his fauvorite toys: frisbee or something else. And agility, obedience and tracking exercises he likes a lot. Now Rasmus is spending his pensiondays and living with my mum and dad.

In memoriam Vili 19.7.1999- 7.12.2010

Name: FIN Ch Retain Cara-Van "Vili"
Breed Norwichterrier
Color: Pink
Breeder: Dorrit & Claes Lindquist, Finland, Espoo
Owner: Tiia Hämäläinen, Finland, Espoo

Dad: Pathwork Defrost
Mother: Jaeva Merry Maid

Vili was like terriers also: stubborn, know he's place in our crowd and brisk. He didn't fear anything, Vili can bluster to Great Dane, but he was not angry. Vili allways has been friendly to all dogs and people. Vili is my "mother's dog", he didn't want to go out with me, if mum is home.

When Vili was under 3-years old we went in dog shows. And when Vili was 3-year old he came Finnish Show Champion. Once he came in group competition (BIS), was best of breed, best of opposite sex.